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Sunday, September 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

at Noon

ABC-7.2, The Live Well Network

Divided We Fall

Are justice, healing and reconciliation possible in Trumps's America? Step inside a provocative interfaith gathering called In Good Faith:  Divided We Fall, featuring Jews, Muslims, and Christians at the Bernardin Center of Catholic Theological Union.

Winner of a Chicago/Midwest Emmy Award: Best Public Affairs Series 
An In-depth documentary journal on religion and culture on the Live Well Network, ABC-7.2, shot on location and edited by Tim Frakes Productions, with Lydia Talbot.


A Message from the Chair of the Board of Directors

We gather again much like the farmer. One who ponders the harvest while contemplating performance in frequently unanticipated changing conditions and giving thought to the challenges of the future.

We are overwhelmed by the harvest!  It has indeed been a fertile and productive season.  Kudos to Executive Director, Lydia Talbot, Producer/Editor, Eric Diekhans, and their team of most competent and committed folks have judiciously, graciously, and thoughtfully led us in the stewardship efforts of our mission - in what can only be described as tumultuous and tribal times.  I cannot say thank you enough to all of them and all of you who support and encourage their efforts.

As in all prior years, staff and volunteers have produced stories and programming that have been incredibly diverse and wide ranging.  This is for our public’s already accepted patterns of consumption, and the yet unrecognized growing edge needs.   Though, at the same time helping us to experience our common humanity.

We foresee the task becoming even more challenging as we continue losing much of the general religious ethos that has dominated the U.S. for hundreds of years—

  • as we watch the growing percentage of adults who do not identify with a religious group increase

  • as we experience an ever changing pattern of media consumption in society

  • as we see tribalism rippingthe nation apart and experience the daily confrontation of violence, and

  •  as our denominational partners continue to experience varying degrees of decline both numerically and financially.  

However, having cited the above we do not see a lesser need for our efforts, but an ever greater need.  We are needed more than ever - to share the healing, hopeful stories of our faith partners and their congregations.  It is crucial and essential that we offer our all too frequently unheard Christian perspectives on societal issues in search of restoring, renewing, recreating our common humanity relationships.  

Like the farmer let’s do our assessing.  More importantly, let’s do some adapting as we think about the next season.

Finally, we thank our local CBS and ABC affiliated stations and crews, and you our generous supporters and benefactors.  Let’s do more!


Rev. Myron McCoy
Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church Chicago Temple


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