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Protestant, Orthodox, and Episcopal Churches
of Greater Chicago
in cooperation with
The Council of Religious Leaders
of Metropolitan Chicago



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A Message from the Chair of the Board of Directors

Like for everyone else, the year 2020 ushered in a new decade along with the novel COVID-19 global pandemic. In addition to 216,000 lives that have been lost in the United States alone (at the time of this writing), the virus brought with it a disruption of life in ways never seen by most generations. That disruption has also been challenging to the staff and volunteers as they have had to adjust and work in new ways. We thank and applaud all their efforts as we were able continue our witness with minimal disruption, while demonstrating flexibility, agility, and a passion for our mission.

Then two months into the Covid-19 global pandemic came the acute decompensation of the chronic racism we had always known, in the form of three killings of unarmed African Americans in Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd. The deaths of Arbery and Floyd were captured by cell phone cameras which, aided by social media, quickly reached the eyes for the entire world to see and which, resulted in protest, violence, and looting across the country.

The intersection of the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, complete with its social isolation and inordinate impact on people of color, along with the sharpness of the grief felt by the three killings coalesced to form what felt like a pivotal point in the arc of justice. Just as the bloated, disfigured face of lynched teenager Emmett Till lying lifeless in an open casket for the entire world to see in 1955, footage of these deaths typify a level of inhumanity that has made it hard for the Greater Chicago Broadcast Ministries to turn away or carry on in indifference. 

If all the above have not been challenging enough, as I write, we find ourselves in the precipice of a national election where more than ever before in recent times, we demonstrate a divisiveness that could turn into a power-keg.  Thus, our combined witness is needed as never before!

Finally, I thank Executive Director, Lydia Talbot, and Producer/Editor, Eric Diekhans for their steady and sustained leadership in such a time as this.